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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  August 8, 2014 9:13pm-10:00pm EDT

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right now, and there's a big fight over it, and there's a fight about the opponents are saying, you have to all all these religious liberty exceptions and you have bakers who won't bake cakes, you know, for a gay wedding. and you think about that, and just substitute the word, i don't want to bake a cake because you're african-american. you couldn't do that. but you can, so i think that's going to be a big fight. as i've talked to people, too, part of it is -- i think part of it is a challenge is right now, there's so much movement, so quickly, that it's easy to forget that still there's 40% of the country that, give or take, depending on the poll, that remains to be convinced. so how do you sustain this kind of coverage, the kind of attention, and try to move those 40%. >> i want to thank you all for
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being such a great audience. i want to remind you that there are books for sale in the lobby and jo will be out to sign them, and i want to thank jo for a wonderful presentation. [applause] >> if you like the book, please post a review on amazon. >> on the next washington journal, the latest on the strikes on isis. the center for public integrity's dave leventhal will discuss his investigation of the irs tax exempt organizations division, and campaign finance
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rules. and a look at the doctor shortage in the u.s. with arturo grow very of the association of american medical colleges. >> c-span chance providing live coverage of the senate. booktv, the only television network devoted to nonfiction books and authors. c-span2, created by the cable tv industry and brought to you as a public service by your local cable or satellite provider. watch is in hd, like us on facebook, and follow us on twitter. >> edward cline's book, blood feud, examines the#&&&&fv relatp between the obamas and clintons. arguing that personal animosity between the prominent political families has created a rift in the democratic party. we interviewed edward cline about his book on washington journal. this is 45 minutes. >> our next guess joins us from
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insuring, the author of a new book, taking a look at relationships between the clintons and obamas, "blood feud" the title. edward cline joining us from new york, we can. >> thank you for having me. >> why did you turn your attention to to these two families. >> the media has spent a great deal of time writing and talking about the feud that exists in the republican party between the tea party and the establishment wings of that party. but has spent virtually no time at all on the feud that is going on between the two great democratic families, the obamas and the clintons, and that feud is going to affect who gets the democratic nomination and maybe even who is in the white house in 2016. i thought it was an important story that deserved a book.
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>> so, mr. cline, what is the feud over as you seed? >> guest: the feud is over many different things. first, a personal feud between the clintons and the obamas over the kinds of words they hurled at each other during the 2008 presidential primary in which the obamas called the -- called bill clinton a racist, and bill clinton called -- and hillary called the obama a fairy tale. they've never really forgotten those slurs. even more important there's an ideological battle between the left wing of the party that's represented by barack obama, and the more centrist -- center left wing of the party represented by the clintons. so this is a battle not only over personal slights and revenge, but also over ideology. >> host: when it comes to those
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ideologies you say that president obama is more left of center and then president clinton more centrist in his approach, and they kind of expose themselves as negotiations between the two came to the forfront not only over his wife and her future but also about support that president clinton would ultimately give to president obama in his re-election campaign. >> guest: that's right. as we know, in 2008, -- i'm sorry -- in 2012, i meant to say -- president clinton made a rousing speech for barack obama at the democratic national convention, and the media played that as though these two wings of the party were buriying the hatchet and now we're united. that was part of a deal that bill clinton and barack obama struck during a golf game in which bill said he would support obama in return for obama's
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support of hillary in 2016. so, it was a political arrangement that fell apart after the election when barack obama changed his mind and decided that he was going to keep his options open in 2016 and he has not backed hillary clinton and her march toward the nomination. >> host: part of that meeting you spoke about talks about president clinton's view of the meeting, one of the quotes from the book, it's partial from the book, saying that president clinton said i hate that man, obama, more than any man i've evermeter but the important thing to keep in mind that obama's decision to invite me for game of golf is a sign of weakness because it would place obama in my debt. can you add context? >> guest: i'd be happy to bill thought that by backing obama some giving that speech at the democratic national convention in august of 2012, he had placed barack obama in his debt.
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that is what happens in politics. it's generally one hand washes the oomph the trouble is bill clinton washed obama's hand, but when it came time, obama reneged on the deal, and according to my sources, who were in the room with bill clinton when he got the news, he placed his face in his hands and shook his head and he was so upset that hillary clinton thought he was going to have a heart attack over this, what he considered to be a welching on the deal. >> host: mr. kline there have been questions about your sources, especially the most salacious parts of the book, no names specifically. what do you make of the claims and why not bring more people to the forefront as people who actually gave you the sources ss and give their names? >> guest: i think that's a very legitimate question and it's a question that has been asked of bob woodward, whose books are all anonymous sources.
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the game change authors, hideleman and the other fellow whose name escapes me for the moment, all their sources are anonymous. when you report on current political battles, it's very hard to get people on the record because they don't want to lose their access to the people in power. so, i've developed over the course of many years, during the books i've written on hillary clinton, on barack obama, the last book i wrote was called "the amateur. barack obama in the white house." i have a row low desk of sources who i have come to depend on who have proven to be absolutely accurate again and again and again, and these people will talk to me for a variety of reasons, not the lest of which they like to see themselves as quite important and close to
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power, but none of them will go on the record, and understandably so. >> host: edward kline, our guest to talking about his book, "blood feud" looking at the tensions between the clintons and the obamas. our guest also wrote a previous book about hillary clinton, the kennedys and other topics. if you want to ask questions about this book here is your chance to do so. >> host: mr. klein you talk about president obama, the promises made before the re-election and what was kept offeredward and you also bring in valerie jarrett, the president's adviser. what is her role in all this? >> guest: i say in "blood feud"
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that valerie jarrett is the single most important behind the scenes adviser in the white house since harry hopkins more than 70 years ago in the franklin roosevelt administration. hopkins was a friend of both franklin roosevelt and eleanor, valerie jarrett is best friends with both michelle obama and barack obama. she lives in the white house. i mean, by that, she literally has a suite of rooms that she occupies permanently in the white house. she has a secret service detail. she eats with the president and first lady every night that they're in the white house. she goes on vacations with them. she goes to whatever meet showing wants to attend, and she carries the president's message to cabinet ministers and other people in the administration. there's been no one since harry hopkins, way back in the '40s,
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who has this kind of power. >> host: you write of her, from your book, saying she watched over him and made him feel safe. he was her special charge, the chosen one. she focused on him, doted on him, and devoted her entire life to him and gave him the kind of unconditional love he never received from this mother, who frequently abandoned him as a child. >> guest: that's right. now there have been several, as you know, biographies of barack obama, and there has been a lot of speculation about the fact that his mother was not around a lot. she traveled a great deal. left him with his grandparents, his white grandparents. when she was around, he felt a great need to win over her love, according to many books, by showing what a great man he would become. and i think in many ways he has similar relationship with both his wife, whom he really wants to please, and valerie jarrett,
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who is a kind of substitute mother figure. >> host: first call for you is from kathy from montgomery, texas. on our run line. you're on with edward klein. kathy, good morning. >> caller: yes, good morning. so happy you wrote this week and just have a comment. the clintons are so fake and this is that it get. they gent overboard thinking barack obama would save them at the end of the day, like bill clinton did for him at the dnc when he made that ridiculous speech and this is what he got for dealing with the devil. thank you. >> guest: well, that's an interesting question. you know, it's interesting that bill clinton has been taking some soundings in various states across the united states with democratic party chairmen, building a support team for hillary in 2016.
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and he has told his friends and associates that when he speaks to these party chairmen, these democrats, he learned that the obama administration -- the political people in the obama administration have been there as well, and that they are looking for what bill clinton calls a mini-me, a clone of obama, someone who will come out of nowhere and challenge hilary for the 2016 democratic nomination. so in bill clinton's eyes, there's no greater obstacle to hillary getting the nomination than barack obama. >> host: next, tampa, florida, john, independent line. >> caller: yes. i believe that the great economy of the mid-''9s so was in spite of bill clinton rather than because of him. bill clinton signed off on nafta, and signed off on approving of china being most favored nation status, 20 years ago. then he signed off on the repeal
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of the glass-steagall act which caused the great recession. we know nafta set the statement for china and other countries getting off our manufacturing jobs, our sour economy now is a result of bill clinton. hopefully the democrats will get someone credible like joe biden to run and certainly not hillary. thank you. >> guest: well, thank you for that question. it is interesting that bill clinton may be the single most popular politician in america, if not in the entire world right now there seems to be a collective amnesia about what the clinton presidency was like. we did balance the budget, as you just said, during the clinton years, and we did do reform of welfare, but that was in conjunction with a republican congress, which in many ways forced his hand. what we seem to have forgotten,
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so many americans, is that during the clinton administration, you're right about this glass -- glass stiegel act which allowed banks to do their own trading and which ultimately resulted in the collapse of the economy in 2008, plus an -- even in my estimation, more important failure, and that is that during the clinton years, nothing seriously was done about the rise of al qaeda and the islamic extreme terrorism that now is shaking the world to its foundations. so, it is interesting that bill is popular wherever he goes, but no one seems to remember anything from monica to terrorism. >> mr. klein, you say he is popular but the one person he wasn't popular with is valerie jarrett. why is that? >> guest: the -- that's an excellent question. because the the blood feud
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between the clintons and obama has an ideology, personal dim mention, and one dimension is the obamas say when they're with their friends and associates and their politicalled a of advisers -- i'm saying this is what they say -- the obamas don't believe that the clintons really stand for any principles. they look down upon the clintons as opportunists, orbit, the clintons -- on the other hand, the clintons, for their part, look on the obama team, as a bunch of amateurs, inexperienced people who seem to fumble all the great issues of our time becauses they don't know how to govern. so there's many reason why they don't get along.
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>> host: here's betty on the democratic line. >> caller: c-span, you're getting to be like fox news. always negative stuff, and this guy here, he can't even say president obama so you know where he is coming from. and the -- it's ridiculous. every time -- you need to have more black people on speaking on different things. every time i watch -- i watch c-span every day because i'm 75 years old and i have time to watch this stuff, and it's ridiculous. >> host: so, caller, you're directing a lot of things. why don't you directu> caller: i'm talking to him directly. we just got through talking about the supreme court. now he coming out with more negative stuff. it's ridiculous. i feel sorry for my grandkids and great-grandkids and this country we're living in.
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>> host: mr. klein, anything you want to respond to? >> guest: well, had a little bit of trouble hearing her. the connection wasn't actually very clear. but i think what i'm hearing is that what about all this negativity? why is there so much negativity in this country? and is my book "the blood feud" between the clintons and the obamas just adding fire to this negativity. i would say to your caller i am just as patriotic as you are, ma'am. i feel that this country is divided and what we need is to pick a leader in the white house, and a congress, that knows what they're doing. now, the most recent quinnipiac poll that came out today says the majority of americans think president obama is the worst
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president in 70 years. that is a poll. that's not my opinion. that's a poll of americans. a lot of people think this is based on racism. that because he is african-american, people don't respect him. i don't happen to share that view. i think that the opposition to barack obama is, like so many people and his plummeting poll ratings have to do with what i consider to be a feckless, inexperienced, fumbling, administration that doesn't seem to be able to get its act together. >> host: mr. klein, somebody on twitter says, if there is a feud between the obamas and the clintons they sure hide it well. >> guest: well, they used to hide it well. that's true. i'm not so sure they're still hiding it well because only recently bill clinton came out
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publicly and said that obamacare was a flawed law. that's a big statement from bill clinton, and a huge blow to president obama. that a former president, democratic president, would say that this law needs to be revised. on her part, hillary has come out publicly and said that despite the white house claim that the irs scandal is an invented scandal, that it's really not a scandal at all, she thinks it is a scandal, and that it should be looked into. she almost came out and said, she thought there should be a special prosecutor. these are statements by the clintons that indicate they are beginning too put space between themselves and the obama administration, as they get closer and closer to the time that hillary is going to announce she is running for president. >> host: from brooklyn, new york, republican line.
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good morning. >> good morning. hi, mr. klein. >> guest: hi. >> caller: seems to me that mr. -- president obama, even though is having trouble, you say wishes -- with the clintons, he also doesn't care for mr. bush, either. so if you want to put this in some kind of realm, you know, it's -- two presidents, you know, that were sitting presidents and we have the one president in the house now and there's something wrong with two presidents, and besides that, when the clintons were in, they happened to have it very good because they were at a stage in life where electronics were coming up, and people were just getting interest that, and there was a lot of, a lot of money made through that. do you understand what i'm saying? >> guest: i do, and i'd like to
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respond and say that barack obama basically -- if you just get to the core of matters -- won the presidency in 2008 by his opposition to george w. bush and the iraq war. it was his key platform and plank. and since then, for years -- now he is in his sixth year in office -- he has blamed bush again and again and again for the problems he has inherited. the fact of the matter is, barack obama in my view, and in the view of the clintons, has caused many of his own problems. we see now the middle east going up in flames. hillary clinton urged barack obama to get involved in syria early in that war, not with ground troops, but with the support of the opposition to the assad regime, if obama had
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listened to hillary, i think we would not be seeing the spread of radical islam through syria, into iraq, that we're seeing today. and then there was, of course, the reset with russia in which the obama administration tried to make a good relations with putin. well, we have seen how that worked out. again and again, it's blaming the past is no excuse for not functioning well in the present, and i think that the clintons feel very strongly that, as bill clinton once put it -- and i use this as a title of my last book -- barack obama is an amateur. >> host: that this title of his last book, and books about look human being and the kennedys, edward klein is our guest from new york. the title of this current work "blood feud: the clintons versus the obamas."
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good morning go ahead. >> caller: hello,. >> guest: hello. >> caller: can you hear me? >> guest: yes go ahead. >> caller: i hope you understand what i'm going to say. your buyos is that listening to you is like everything -- he is incompetent. i he was incompetent he wouldn't be the president. you have a problem because he is there doing his job, because if he wasn't he wouldn't have been there i say you all thing he is comment what makes you comments with your book. not the president. >> guest: i'm going to let other people decide whether i'm competent or not. i've been a journalist for a very long time. i've written 12 books. most of which have been on the bestseller list. used to be thed it doctor in chief of "the new york times" magazine. behalf that i was the foreign editor of "newsweek" so i have a long history of in my field, achievements, and i feel that my books have, again and again,
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proven to be true. as far as the president is concerned, i'm not the only person who is saying that this is an incompetent administration. this seems to be a widespread and spreading view among the political class. even liberal democrats have been critical of the administration, giving you one example. when president obama threatened that if the president of syria crossed a red line that obama drew, and used chemical weapons, that the united states would take military action. that was a threat from the president of the united states. he backed down on that after these weapons were used, and in doing so lost not only personal credibility for himself, but credibility for the stature of the united states throughout the entire world.
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>> host: cecil, up next, from georgia, democrats line. >> caller: yes. it's been a -- thank you to c-span. there's been a lot said since i've been on the phone, but i think this guy's just want to make money for his book, and that is okay, and it's his job to try to make money on his book, but i think he is just trying to get stuff started, and everybody else still talking about the red line and some of the things they bring up. and hillary has not decided to even run yet so we don't know what obama will do as far as supporting hillary. >> guest: well, the dish hope that you -- i hope you have an opportunity to read my book, "blood are blood feud: the clintons versus the obamas," because this book documents,
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chapter after chapter, the bitter, what is called -- family fight going on in the democratic party between these two great families, and it is not only i but many of my sources and many of the sources in other publications who have documented this growing feud, and i think as we go beyond the 2014 mid-term elections and start getting really involved in the presidential campaigns, which will happen after november, you'll see a widening rift between these two wings of the party represented by obama on the left and the clintons on the center left. >> host: mr. klein, roger greene off twitter says with selecting hillary as secretary of state a concession and example of keeping your enemies closer? >> guest: yes, it was.
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exactly correct. the appointment of hillary clinton as secretary of state was opposed by valerie jarrett and michelle obama on the grounds that it would bring the clintons into the white house and complicate obama's able to get his policies through. but in fact in obama's point of view, and the point of view of his political -- other political advisers, bringing hillary in, in a way forced bill clinton to silence, to not be an active opponent of the obamas. so, for instance, bill clinton literally signed an agreement with the obama administration that if hillary were appointed as secretary of state he would not make any speeches in foreign
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countries for which, by the way, he used to get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars, as we know now -- or say anything major policy speeches that was not first vetted and cleared by the white house. so by bringing hillary in as this twitter person said, he kept his enemies close, and kept them quiet. >> host: mr. klein, warm has a story looking at -- "wall street journal" has a look at both bill and lil''s able to raise cash from corporate sources. so what are the clintons looking for from the obamas as far as the deal that was made in 2012? >> guest: i think at this point, they are -- practically given up on getting obama's active support for hillary in 2016. and they have been creating what i would call a parallel
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democratic party organization, a clinton brand, separate from the democratic national committee, which is controlled by the white house. bill has been actively involved in this. he has been putting together policy books for hillary. he has been bringing major donors and political figures down to little rock, where he has his clinton library. he has been spending all of his time putting together the campaign that hillary is going to run. in fact, he has turned over most of the day-to-day running and the policy decisions of the clinton foundation to his daughter, chelsea, who is now in charge while bill is spending his time on hillary's campaign. >> host: what about the obama campaign database, names, donations, what has happened to
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that? >> guest: that is a very good question, because part of that deal that i mentioned during the golf game at andrews air force base, in which bill thought he had a deal with obama, part of that deal was, in addition to obama's support of hillary, that he would turn over the whole database and donor base to the clintons, and allow bill to nominate the head of the democratic national committee. all of which obama has since renegeed on. >> host: bremerton, washington, jamie, independent line go ahead. >> caller: my name is amy but i am in bremerton. >> host: you're right go ahead. >> caller: okay. i'm going back a bit. it's very hard for somebody on the west coast apparently to get in, and you weren't very kind with your phone numbers to old ladies, but i want to know what
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your guest thinks about the current supreme court and particularly about its decision on hobby lobby, because it -- >> host: ma'am, i don't know if that's the topic we're engaging in this morning. mr. klein, your welcome to continue but want to see if callers want to comment on your book, but if you want to comment, go ahead. >> guest: i'll make a very brief comment and say that the coverage of the supreme court decision and the reaction from the obama white house in my view, overlooked the fact that that the smaller corporations didn't have to give any contraceptive health care. it was just some contraceptive health care, including the day after pills, which some people think is an abortion pill.
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but as far as contrasend testifies are concerned, they're still covered. they're very inexpensive as well. and i don't think that this supreme court decision was that radical, although i certainly think that the obama administration is seeing it as a big body blow to obamacare. >> host: joe, from maryland, democrats line. >> caller: hello good morning, duhear me? >> host: go ahead. >> guest: the low, joe. >> caller: i want to comment on your -- you're a professional author and i just think that when you write, you sound so republican or whatever, and that's your choice, but if you look at the administration of pasts, you see it's always been a government and it's always been what it is, politics as usual. but seeing as president obama was elected it was relentless
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pursuit for -- and that's okay. but to portray him as being what he is, less than a president, i think that's an insult to the nation, and america, wake up. we're showing our hypocrisy. >> guest: well, i'd like to comment on that, and i think it's a very sensitive issue. among the african-american community in the united states is a understand it from my interviews, there's a deep feeling that this president is being unfairly attacked because of his race, among whites, that is not as common, although a number of liberals agree with that point of view. i don't comment on that in my book because i don't think i'm qualified to do so. i comment in my book, "blood
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feud" got the actual policies carried out by this administration, about the conflict between bill clinton, who, by the way, is a great friend of the african-american community, and so his criticisms of obama, i think, is very hard to say that they're racist-based, because he himself often jokes he was the first black president. other african-americans have called him the first black president, because he did so in up good for african-americans in this country. so this feud is very hard to say this feud is racial based between the obamas and the clintons. >> host: carlos from chicago on our independent line, you're on with edward klein. >> caller: good morning to both of you. how are you doing. >> guest: good morning. >> caller: i don't -- what i'm going to tell you -- i have a couple of questions and then a comment and a suggestion for your next book.
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okay? speaking -- >> guest: good. >> caller: spoke of african-american. if you're talking from an african-american perspective, and you look at it, both presidents that you were talking about -- past and present, my question, first of all -- c-span asked me are you a republican, democrat, or independent. personally i-a registered. >> i'm a registered independent. >> caller: okay, the answer is -- my next question will be, what prompted you to write this book, and as a lot of callers have heard and what prompting know make this phone call is because they say that a lot of -- again, have to look at things from -- like you say, you're not qualified, but african-americans you have interviewed, what have they shared with you about the accomplishments that our
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president has done? and. >> guest: well, i'd like to comment on that if i may. >> host: go ahead, sir. go ahead, mr. klein. >> guest: okay. i've made many trips to chicago where barack obama began his political career, and where the african-american community was the first community that got behind him in his strong way, raised money for him, and launched him on his political career. and i i've interviewed many, many members of the african-american community in chicago. almost without exception, they are disappointed with barack obama because, once he got into the white house, they never heard from him again. they made phone calls, they wrote letters. they sent e-mails. they said, here we were, what we call, first-day people, people who were there at the beginning
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of his career, and who, without whom he could not have risen to the great heights he has, and he has forgotten them. it's not only the african-american community. i've also interviews jews who raise a lot of money for barack obama. christians who are liberal and are very pro-obama, and they all say, almost without exception, that they love this man, they were happy to be behind him, but that he has shown no gratitude toward them or even made an effort to bring them closer to the white house to show his gratitude, and this feeling about obama is also common among members of congress. democrats and republicans alike. who say they never hear from him. he doesn't get to know them. he is aloof and detached.
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this is not just me reporting this. this is many journalists, both in the mainstream media, in the liberal media, and in the conservative media. >> host: james from delware. you're on with edwards klein go ahead. >> caller: i want to ask your guest a question. first i want to address what he just said about the african-american views of obama. they thought he would get in there and do more towards the community than he did, and the reason he couldn't is because he faced a congress that no one imagined he would face. he faced opposition that no one even imagined he would face. so even if he appear to even look towards the african-american community, he would be called different names, but what i wanted to ask your guest is, he said earlier that there's a poll that said obama
9:53 pm
is the worst president in 70 years, and he agrees with that? does he have any idea what the last administration -- was this guy asleep? did murdoch buy the station? you have a parade of political hacks coming on, criticizing the democrats and the administration. and if murdoch bought the station, tell us. >> host: that's not the case, but mr. klein go ahead with your thoughts. >> guest: i'm knock sure i in other words the question. >> host: i think he was rehashing a little bit of what has been said previously, particularly criticisms of this president by congress and others, particularly -- i guess relations with congress. that's my gathering. but go ahead. >> guest: right. well, the clintons feel, as i've described in this book, "blood feud" that obama has not shown
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the political talent to even try to work with the congress. when bill clinton was president, he had a republican revolution on his hands, and that newt gingrich came in and essentially said that the president was irrelevant almost. came very close to saying that. and what did bill clinton do? bill clinton, rather than dig in and say, i'm just going to do what i want to do... tive of triangulated and found common ground with the to do manycongress very important things we have already mentioned, bound the welfare, send
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100,000 new police officers onto the streets of american cities, and on and on. a political calculation on bill clinton's part, that he could not work opposition. this has not happened during the obama administration. p. could work even with a dug in opposition. this is not happen during the obama administration. there is virtually no communication between him and the republicans. i'm not suggesting for a second the republicans haven't been very critical of him, they have but vernon jordan and african-american, who was on the record in my book by the way, and has been a major figure in the democratic party for many many years. he said yes, the republicans
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have made it difficult for this president that when you are elected president you are expected to lead and this leadership has been missing. >> host: i thought you wrote fernand jordan is a relative of valerie giorda? >> guest: vernon jordan's wife is a relative of valerie jarrett. >> host: ray for massachusetts independent line. hi. >> caller: hi how are you doing? first of all the republicans are the one that hurt us because of this mess. the congress has not worked for this president throughout both of his terms. i would like you to come back on after the midterm election and see who's going to be running. these republicans are going down the tubes, trust me. i will call back after the midterm election and that like you to come back and listen to my comments, okay? >> guest: i would like nothing better than to come back to c-span and if they invite me i
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will be here and i would be delighted to talk to you after the midterm elections. >> host: mr. klein a comment from twitter. this is about presidential advisers which i think this is on the topics of your book. didi fredericks writes do you think the advisers of president obama and president clinton came from the same exclusive think tank pool? >> guest: ♪ , i don't. i think president clinton's advisers came from what was called the democratic leadership council which was a centerleft group that tried to bring the democratic party away from its radical base to more of a centrist position. the obama administration has been by and large, not entirely but by and large run in its policy decisions by political people. we are talking about david axelrod who helped him get
9:58 pm
elected and i'm talking about valerie jarrett and i will give you a concrete example of this. in my book blood feud, i discussed a meeting that took place between bill and hillary clinton and caroline kennedy at caroline kennedy's apartment on park avenue in new york. caroline kennedy was about to take post as ambassador to tokyo japan and she wanted advice from hillary the former secretary of state, about what she should expect. hillary told her according to sources that hillary spoke to later that, don't be surprised if your marching orders as ambassador in tokyo, not from the state department but from valerie jarrett in the white house who is essentially a political adviser, and i think that says volumes about how this administration has been run.
9:59 pm
>> host: mr. klein the cover of your book club features bill and hillary clinton and michelle and obama. tell us how they worked together particularly in a political sense. how each couple worked together. >> guest: that would take us a long time but basically i would say as quickly as i can say this that the clintons have a marriage that is somewhat similar to the marriage of franklin roosevelt and eleanor roosevelt. it's essentially a working relationship. they have gone their separate ways in many ways. they don't live together often, but they are colleagues and collaborators on policy as eleanor and franklin were. on the other side, the obama side, we have a first lady in michelle


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